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PELUM Zimbabwe began when the regional PELUM Association was launched in 1995. During its early years PELUM Zimbabwe was active in networking, capacity-building and it established the PELUM College Zimbabwe, the first agro-ecological school without walls in Southern Africa where trainings on agro-ecology were conducted. 

PELUM Zimbabwe works through its member organizations who in turn work with small scale farmers in Zimbabwe. Member organizations are local organizations legally registered to operate in Zimbabwe to provide training and/services to communities to promote sustainable livelihoods and have a record of such work/service of at least two years. 

Our vision

Communities in East, Central and Southern Africa are self-organized and able to make choices towards an improved quality of life that is socially, economically and ecologically sustainable

Our mission

To upscale participatory ecological land use management practices for improved nutrition security, livelihoods and environmental sustainability.


Unsustainable industrial food system plays a key role in persistent malnutrition in Sub Saharan Africa.

The current chemical-input approach to agriculture that 
has dominated the agricultural discourse, policy and practice since the 1960s, is wasteful, inefficient, contributes to deepening inequality and hunger and compromises future generations’ ability to meet their food needs through water and soil pollution and biodiversity loss. 

Voices of small-scale farmers remain undermined in agriculture and policy formulation

PELUM Zimbabwe is engaging in seed sovereignty on practical and political intervention level and availing farmers with a platform to discover knowledge together, invent or modify strategies to sustain farmer managed seed systems. These strategies are documented and shared to strengthen members' capacity to network, advocate and upscale agro-ecological practices for improved livelihoods of small scale farmers and environmental sustainability.

PELUM Association Message on COVID-19

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